The client required tradespeople to submit a Personal Risk Assessment (PRA) for each task they perform

The Problem

The monitoring of these PRAs in real time was difficult as they were recorded on paper and were normally submitted at the end of the shift

  • Double-handling
  • Labour intensive
  • Safety benefits were hard to realise

The Solution

By deploying mainstay®’s checklist functionality on both mainstay® Desktop and mainstay® Mobile, safety personnel can now

  • Develop templates for Risk Assessments, pre-start inspections and fit for work assessments
  • Assign templates to personnel or tasks
  • Monitor responses in real-time

The Benefits

The client has seen an improvement in overall operational efficiency

  • Improved visibility of safety issues
  • Improved measurability of safety issues
  • Improved analysis and trending with in-built reports and custom export options
  • Transparency and enforced workflow to ensure PRAs are completed for each task


The Client has a large site and therefore has the challenges of a distributed workforce

The Problem

The current process to capture and retrieve data was not efficient and was affecting the productivity of the operation. Capturing and retrieving data from the field has always been challenging. The challenges and issues include:

  • Double handling
  • Transcribing errors
  • Long turnaround times

The Solution

By deploying mainstay® Mobile, the Client has enabled supervisors and managers to:

  • Dispatch data to employees in the field
  • Collect data from employees in the field
  • Retrieve task completion details
  • Receive photos, video and audio in real time
  • Obtain timesheet submissions quickly and simply for fast job costing

The Benefits

The mainstay® solution has improved the operational efficiency of the site. The benefits being delivered include:

  • Improved turnaround times
  • Consistent flow and format of communication
  • Centralised medium for handovers
  • Reduced administrative effort
  • Reduced administration cost

Core Functionality

Our client had a variety of disparate tools and processes to manage their maintenance workflow

The Problem

The existing tools were unreliable, tedious to maintain and provided only very limited functionality. The tools and process were:

  • Prone to failure and difficult to modify
  • Not keeping up with process maturity
  • Requiring increased effort to maintain
  • Not providing key workflow performance data

The Solution

The client deployed the full mainstay® suite of products. This has allowed the client to

  • Combine a number of tools into one
  • Provide end users with a stable, auditable system
  • Dynamically link workload and workforce together
  • Further expand functionality with custom integration and mainstay® Mobile

The Benefits

The client now has one simple tool to manage their workflow. The new system:

  • Improved efficiency by consolidating various tools and functions together
  • Improved visibility of key workflow data
  • Increased ownership of work execution by empowering end users
  • Reduced risk by eliminating unstable, unreliable tools

Maintenance Strategy

Our client has a variety of maintenance strategies in place for their fleet of equipment but had no way of validating how the work they were actually performing aligned to those strategies

The Problem

The incumbent process was preventing management from making informed decisions about maintenance strategy. The process was:

  • Ineffective
  • Demanding to manage
  • Built on assumptions that couldn’t be validated

The Solution

The client deployed the full mainstay® suite of product. This has allowed the client to:

  • Publish transparent, robust maintenance strategies
  • Obtain insights into delays and handover issues
  • Visualise the impact of unscheduled work on the schedule
  • Book time to tasks electronically
  • Validate resourcing estimates

The Benefits

Management better understands the execution phase of their work management model. The new system:

  • Provides a highly visible, multi-user platform
  • Captures actual task execution commentary
  • Provides a feedback loop to the overarching strategy
  • Provides accurate labour costing


The client required a workflow system, but did not want disparity between it and their existing systems

The Problem

Existing processes and tools were not integrated with the main business systems which caused a duplication of effort and data mismatches. The key issues were

  • Duplication of data across multiple systems
  • A lack of confidence in the data integrity across multiple platforms
  • Silos of information across multiple tools

The Solution

By deploying mainstay®’s Desktop product with the Data Sync integration platform, the client was able to:

  • Link key datasets between business systems and mainstay®
  • Consolidate and rationalise the need for extra tools and processes
  • Leverage the benefits of mainstay® to streamline data management

The Benefits

The client has seen an improvement in workflow efficiency and data confidence.

  • Improved efficiency of personnel by having to only update one system
  • Maximised use of various datasets
  • Improved data confidence and reliability
  • Eliminated the need to silo information in separate areas

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